New Year Socks

My attention span has been pretty laughable lately. I’ve been starting and promptly setting aside projects steadily for weeks now. In keeping with my goal to relax a bit more, I am trying this radical experiment of not caring about it. I’m just going to let them sit for the moment, and soon I will know whether I want to knit or rip, and I’ll pick them back up then.

Thanks to my commute, though, I’ve still managed to finish one little project, my first FO of 2015.


These are just basic top-down stockinette socks with a heel flap. Nothing fancy about the construction, but the yarn is a different story. This is Spun Right Round‘s Snappy Socks in the colorway Graffiti. I love this yarn. I think it looks like funfetti cake. It’s so outside of my normal neutral color palette, in the best way. There’s a lot to be said for bright white and bright colors during dreary New England winter.

And because I can rarely avoid including a Felane photo, here is an outtake of her snooping around my camera. I always forget that if I don’t hold her while I’m taking photos, she can’t stay away from the self timer.


New Year Socks

New Year Intentions

Almost two weeks into the new year, and I am still slowly thinking about the ups and downs of 2014 and what I hope to work on in the coming 11.5 months. I don’t make resolutions generally. I always hope to do all of the regular things, like save money, be healthier, read more, etc. I hope to do all of those things this year, of course, but I also have a few other intentions, things that I hope to work on right now.

 16073170427_4667527091      16073169617_30700f2efb

Last year I put most of my energy into my professional life. I spoke at professional conferences, collaborated on a paper for publication, served on two professional committees, and transitioned from a position more in the area of public humanities into a new job as an archivist, doing exactly the work I went to grad school to do. I love work, and I love working hard, but this year I hope to work at enjoying more leisure time. More reading for fun, more board games, more coffee with friends, etc.

ETA with regard to reading, I should add that beyond the annual quantitative goal of reading 50 books, my major objective this year is to read more diversely, in every sense.

16072931959_7f8b32210f As for knitting, I have a goal that maybe most knitters have this time of year, which is to knit primarily from stash. I have a lot of yarn. And admittedly, I have a lot of really nice yarn. I have gone through multiple destashes  and am left with only yarn I do truly want to use, and so now the only thing left to do is really knit it. My plan of attack is fairly simple. I know I won’t go a whole year without buying yarn (that’s no fun), but I thought that at least these first three months of the year, I could knit entirely from stash. I have a few sweaters in progress, and projects lined up for a lot of other yarn. While it’s cold out, I’m just going to enjoy shopping my stash and rediscovering some old treasures while I enjoy lots of tea and Netflix. You may have noticed that my goal cutoff is right before the Webs anniversary sale in spring. I’m not claiming to be great at goals. But I hope that working with my stash for a few months without the distraction of new yarn will serve as a sort of reset on my buying habits. My knitting attention span has been pretty bad lately, but going through my stash shelves has gotten me pretty excited about knitting again, so I’m looking forward to these next few weeks. Anyone else have any stash-busting ambitions this year? I’m always curious how others accumulate and work through their own yarn.

New Year Intentions

Still Here!

Wow…what an extended unintentional break from this site. It’s been a busy fall/early winter and I am just starting to catch my breath.

What is the quick and dirty version of what has happened since this summer? I had a lot of fun participating in Squam in the City, I started a new position as an archivist, I got sick and stayed sick for nearly a month, probably because I can’t ever just let myself rest at the start when I should, and I have been entertaining some thoughts about returning to school again. There is some sample knitting mixed in there, and more recently some secret Christmas gift knitting, and a little (thought not as much as I’d like) reading for fun. Maybe I’ll stick to the simplest little update and mention that I cut all of my hair off and have since been knitting many hats to keep my cold head a little warmer as winter sets in.

1 2

The hat shown above is Skiff by Jared Flood, and it might be my current favorite hat pattern around. Such a quick and versatile knit. My version is in Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro, in the Olive Oil colorway. Now that I don’t have a few pounds of hair to accommodate, I could have probably gone down to a size 7 needle instead of the recommended 8, but I am really happy with this unmodified version. I may knit another after the holidays to compare. I’ve been enjoying the instant gratification of hat knitting lately, and it is a nice way to experiment with colors I might not use for a larger garment.

These last few weeks of 2014 will continue to be busy ones, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and I’m looking forward to a January of chipping away at some much-anticipated selfish knits, making a dent in my to-read list, and drinking lots of coffee in bed with my little cat friend.

I hope you are all wrapping up your year without too much holiday chaos, and are looking forward to similarly pleasant winter months!

Still Here!

A Little Knitting

I have been keeping pretty busy wrapping up work, taking on freelance projects, and searching for my next permanent position, on top of going home to visit friends and family in Pennsylvania. There is always knitting, but sometimes it is slower going. I am also fighting the urge to cast on new projects when I have pieces in progress that I do desperately want to wear this fall and winter.

I did finally block my Hela lopapeysa, which I decided in the end not to steek (for now). Though I may knit something similar and snip it into a cardigan.


And though I have not blocked or added buttons to my Larch cardigan, I am happy to have finally finished knitting it – this was my oldest WIP, stretching back to 2010. I think this started as a stockinette grad school lecture project. I’m not sure why I set it down after I finished the body. But I am very glad to have picked it up four years later. Also thanking my lucky stars it still fits. I’m ready for cooler weather so I can wear this every day.


While staying at my mom’s house, I came across these oversized knitting needles, which I believe once belonged to my great-grandma, the only other knitter in my family. While I tend to enjoy life below worsted-weight, I have been really admiring chunky giant-gauge blankets, rugs, etc. lately. I also like a knitting needle that (as friends were quick to point out) you can kill a vampire with.

wool slayer

Maybe I’ll dive in headfirst and rewatch Buffy while I knit up something really fat with these this winter.

With any luck, I’ll be reporting back soon with job news and a few more finished objects.

A Little Knitting

In Progress

Now, I’m a tarot novice, but even I was able to grasp from this reading that big changes are coming. A very apt reading, as a few days later I put in my notice at my job. I’ll work through the end of July and then – something. In the meantime I’ll be wrapping up my current professional projects, and doing a little metadata moonlighting for a previous employer in the evenings while I plot out my next steps. I know, I know – in this economy, perhaps it is not wise to leave a position before securing another. But I also believe that sometimes it is hard to accommodate something new before you have made some room in your life for it. In the meantime, fortunately, I have a few irons in the fire, and know that I will sort out the bigger things. It’s hard to make a change, but also sometimes necessary. I believe in the bold move.

In the meantime, I am spending as much time outside as possible, running and biking, but also getting to spend the occasional day hiking (this view is from a recent trip to the White Mountains). Finding a little time for reading, and in particular trying to find a little more time for knitting. More specifically, trying to find time for this pile of partially-finished sweaters:

Oddly enough, these are all Amy Christoffers designs. From left to right we have the body of the Stonecutters Cardigan in Classic Elite Portland Tweed (regrettably discontinued), the body of the Larch Cardigan (started yearsssss ago) in Dale of Norway Tiur (also discontinued – I bought this beautiful yarn for 50 cents a skein in Warren, RI years ago during their summer sale), and finally the sleeves of Breckon in Brooklyn Tweed Loft. I am a little embarrassed at this WIP stash. But I guess the nice thing is that, with relatively little work still to do, come fall I am really going to have an on-point sweater game. Maybe it’s also worth sharing that on Friday the 13th, as I was heading into work, the strap on one of my Dansko mary janes broke, but thanks to the fact that I keep an in-progress vanilla sock in my bag at all times, I was able to tie the strap back to the hole where the grommet had broken – much better than spending a day hobbling around in broken shoes. Sometimes it really pays to be a knitter. (Most times, actually.)

In Progress

Squam News!

I have been absent here and I can only say it’s because I have been BUSY. Things are heavily in flux around here, and I am thinking through some big life decisions. Not nearly as much time for reading and knitting as I would like, but with any luck that will change soon.

Fortunately, there is one piece of news I can share right now, and that is that I’ll be leading Keys to the Kingdom, a historical walking tour during Squam in the City in September.

Watch this video to enjoy some serious Providence eye candy, check out the full schedule of workshops, and then sign up for what I know is going to be a really incredible week.

I am so looking forward to meeting the other teachers, meeting the workshop participants, and sharing some of what I love about Providence’s architecture and history. I’ll share some sneak peak photos of some of the tour highlights soon.

I’ve been an admirer of the Squam retreats for a while now, and I am just really honored to be a part of the program. I’m counting down the days!


Squam News!

Why Running?

I usually run alone, but fairly recently I went running with a coworker and friend, and he invited a running friend of his along as well. Somewhere around mile five or six, she asked me, “So why running, for you?” That’s a hard question to answer, for me, and I have been thinking about it since then.

I’ve been running off and on for about twelve years; this is the first time in about six that I’ve pushed through my three-month/three-mile threshold. For the past year I’ve been running increasingly long distances, trying to get out and run at least three times a week, with varying levels and styles of cross training. I don’t drive, so I do all of my daily commuting/traveling by bike, and I plan to get back to longer rides now that the weather is turning. I do yoga and lift weights when I can muster up the energy, and try to stretch a lot every day, even if I’m not doing any other exercise.

The internet would have us believe that running is like this:

run   6e448570f2b7736e92bf16b1999ccb15

Would that every day was gray and misty and there were never any other humans around and I actually invested in stylish running outfits. If running was like this, no one would ever ask why you do it; everyone would just want to do it.

More accurate portraits of my current running life would include me shuffling in circles around the city of Providence trying to rack up a few more miles; me pouring Listerine over my broken toe so the nail doesn’t become fungal as it grows back in; me blowing my nose into my shirt because my allergies are terrible and I can barely breathe; me averting my eyes and turning the volume on my phone up so I can block out creepy dudes as much as possible while running in the city; new leg muscles rendering most of my pants too tight- do I need to buy new pants now, on top of everything else? It doesn’t sound so good. So there is still that question, why do it?

I guess in spite of all of the above, this is how I relax. It feels good to be outside and moving, and to be in a kind of imagined isolation. I feel like my brain works better when I’m covering some physical ground. And because most of my day is spent at a desk, I feel especially grateful for the literal change of pace.


Let’s be fair. There is a running advertisement that speaks to the very core of me. Running is a time out, where none of these things can catch me:


Put simply, maybe there is a reason it is called running away from your problems. A special bonus is that when you’re done running, all problems are put back in perspective.

This past Sunday, I ran my first half marathon. I say first because, although six months ago I registered for the event unsure that I would actually push through the mileage and feel ready to run 13.1 miles, but now, instead of feeling like I’ve reached a goal, I feel like I’m just getting started. I feel lucky that I’m able to do this because I can’t imagine being able to lose myself this way in anything else, and it feels good to see how far I’ve come in just the last six months; I can’t wait to see where I am in another six. It’s different, but I feel somewhat about running the way I feel about knitting. They share a meditative quality, and the potential for constantly overcoming new, small obstacles. In both cases, I feel like I’ve reached a point where these are things that I crave as a part of my day, and know to factor into my daily routine. It feels good.

ETA: This post popped up in my feed via Fit and Feminist (highly recommended). It’s always worth reiterating that thinness is one of running’s top PR problems. As alluded to above (re: my pants), running hasn’t made me thinner, and it hasn’t given me fitspo muscle definition. But has it helped me conquer body issues by reminding me what my body is capable of doing? Yup. And that is certainly another thing that makes me glad to be a runner.

Why Running?