Details/Catching Up

Detail: Throwover sweater, knit in Peace Fleece Worsted

My last post, three years ago, documented two gray sweaters knit two years apart. I bet a lot of my previous posts begin with some comment on the amount of time that lapsed between posts. Of course, a great deal has happened between 2017 and today, both in my personal life (finishing my phd, starting a faculty position, moving in with my partner, gaining an elderly step-dog, losing my beloved elderly cat to kidney failure, adopting a very strange kitten) and more generally (including, among so many other things, a global pandemic).

Detail: Watermark cardigan, knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

I’m not sure if “blogging about knitting” is something people really do anymore, but there’s something about talking about knitting on the internet that still feels special to me, even if I’m just out here talking into the void. Compared to the closed-in feeling that social media gives me, the void is actually kind of appealing. I’ve wondered at several points over the past few years if I should just delete this site, but since I haven’t done that yet, maybe I’ll just update it once in awhile and see how that feels? If anyone is reading this, hi again!

Detail: For the Love of Brioche jacket WIP in Cloudborn Fibers Merino Alpaca Sport

I’m finding that in the past few months, I’ve been knitting more than I have in years. This is probably due to some combination of feeling incredibly stressed out by the state of the world and staying home all the time. Making the effort to document and share some of these things, and maybe connecting with some other knitters in the process, seems like a nice thing to do right now.



  1. Melanie Graham says:

    What a wonderful surprise! I had been wondering what had happened with you – I even tried to see if you were on Instagram or some such. Love your work ( and life and cats). I’m a follower from afar (New Zealand).

    1. Chelsea says:

      Your comment is a wonderful surprise! After such a long time away, I wasn’t sure whether anyone would even see an update here. This is too kind! I am also on Instagram (cheegunn) where the cat photos are almost nonstop, especially these days. Looking forward to being more active here again!

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