Finished Hela

I stole some morning light before work today to snap a few quick photos of my finished Hela cardigan. In current freezing temperatures, I am wearing this almost every day, and I love the way the Lopi yarn is wearing in.


The button band could be a little bit neater, and of course looking at the photos I can see that the top button is a bit heavy and pulls at the neckband. But these are pretty minor complaints, and otherwise, I think this is my favorite thing that I have ever knit.

At some point I will knit a pullover lopapeysa, but for this sweater, the steek was definitely the right choice.



  1. Jennifer says:

    This looks gorgeous! Props for doing the crocheted steek. I’ve done the other method of knitting extra stitches in the middle and even though you tack down the edging to the inside of the front, you still get a bit of a mess with the unraveled edge.

    *adds Hela to the sweater list*

  2. Kepanie says:

    It’s so cozy. Lovely job.

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