The Very End of 2013

A few photos from my trip to Sitka, Alaska, where I spent the last days of 2013 with my little brother. I haven’t uploaded photos from my real camera, but I suppose these phone photos give enough of an idea of how misty and gray and beautiful it is there.










Having only a few hours of twilight-y light each day meant a few hours of hiking or exploring the island, and many more hours of relaxing with my brother in the evenings, making dinners, drinking coffee, and watching movies and knitting. Dark mornings meant reading in bed for a few hours until it got light enough outside that I felt like I should venture out. I can’t remember the last time I actually did only leisure activities for more than a day, much less five or six in a row. And now I am so excited to throw myself back into normal life. Right now that looks like reading, knitting, half marathon training, catching up with friends, and some new work challenges. I’ve got my new 2014 planner (the same moleskine one I’ve used every year since I can remember, because I am a creature of habit to an unhealthy extent, but with a red cover this year, because I am acting like a person who embraces change). Let’s see how it goes!

(I should also add that I have one final book recommendation from 2013: Howard Norman’s I Hate to Leave This Beautiful PlaceThe last book I read before the end of the year, and one I’ll undoubtedly pick up again. I am often disappointed by memoirs, but this is a true exception.)


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