The Days Change at Night


Because the majority of my recent knitting has been work- or gift-related, and has therefore been secret and unshareable (not a word), here are some photos from my recent escape to LA. As a girl who grew up in the Pacific northwest, then kind of the midwest, and now lives in New England, I was visually overstimulated the entire weekend. I knew LA was outside my usual aesthetic experience, but I didn’t realize exactly how far out. That’s not to say I didn’t like it.


Why was I there? I was a human birthday present for my friend Jess, from her boyfriend, who I had never met before. If you’ve never been a human birthday present before, I recommend it; it’s a really nice feeling. And it makes you want to buy people lots of food. Go with that instinct.


Besides food, the best things about visiting a new city are drinking all of the coffee and peeping in all of the local bookstores and libraries. Right? LA seems to favor juice over coffee (I get it, but also I don’t get it) ((maybe I just had funny luck walking into random places – I didn’t do any coffee research)). But the bookstores were amazing. I happened upon the 826LA Time Travel Mart, Stories (books and coffee in one – always ideal), Secret Headquarters, Skylight Books,  and pictured below, the Last Bookstore, which was sensory overload in the best way.




I  didn’t look at yarn at all; having just cast on a sweater for myself in Loft, I’m feeling sufficiently spoiled in that area. But I did take in as much typical LA scenery as possible, and, as I often do on the west coast, I made a pigeon friend.




la9Am I happy to be back in Providence, knitting in bed with my cat and listening to audiobooks? You bet I am, tootsies. I appreciate it a little bit more remembering that I have good friends in good cities and air mattresses and couches to sleep on whenever I can get away. (And coming soon: my own couch for the purpose of returning the favor as often as possible.)




  1. Elise says:

    I love the book pictures! I’m going to LA next month so I’ll keep an eye out for all the book stores 🙂

    1. Chelsea says:

      Thank you! I highly recommend every store I mentioned here. And if you have time, you should go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It’s beautiful!

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