This is a project that digs into some deep stash – I think I bought these skeins of Zauberball in 2009? Not my oldest stash by any means, but still a little embarrassing. What’s kind of funny about this stash is that nearly 4 years ago, when I bought this yarn, I had every intention of knitting Stephen West’s Daybreak shawl (at the time a brand-new pattern, I believe) with it. Usually if I let yarn sit idle long enough (and let’s face it, I almost always do), it changes its mind about what it wants to be. This is an exception.


Somehow after all this time, I still had my heart set on striping these skeins together to make one of my favorite things: a neutral rainbow. If you want a simple but really beautiful shawl pattern, Daybreak is one I’d recommend any day. Slipped stitches add some extra impact to the stripes, but the pattern is still easy enough for beginners. (I knit the large size, in case anyone wonders how the sizes look in action.)


I’ll be honest, I blocked this pretty lazily, as I generally do with shawls, unless they’re lace. But in my experience, garter stitch and stockinette shawls all tend to assume whatever shape I wear them in, anyway. Daybreak hangs really nicely regardless, which I think is also partially due to its semi-circle shape; this is a shape I really like for a shawl, because it wraps around better than a traditional triangle, in my opinion.

db3Someday I’ll probably knit this shawl again, using either two solid colors or one solid and one striping. I don’t wear as many striped things as I once did, but I’ve really come back around to them in small doses. Especially when you can get this many neutrals into one piece.



  1. Andi says:

    This is beautiful. I am with you on not wearing as many stripes as before, but with this one I could make an exception. It would go with everything!

    1. Chelsea says:

      Thank you! That’s certainly my thought – neutrals match everything, so surely putting every neutral together makes this the most versatile scarf I have, right?

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