Plaits & Links Cardigan

I’ll skip the part where I talk about being a “bad blogger” and admit that I’ve knit multiple sweaters and other items in the time since I last posted (I have). The truth is, blogging about knitting often requires photographs. And it’s winter and it’s dark and when I’m not at work, I value time spent in sweatpants above almost all else. But I am trying to be better and participate in the world even in such small ways as taking photos of the things that I knit. And so here is one such thing:


In a shocking turn of events, I knit a heavily cabled cardigan in a rustic yarn. I know, this is very hard to believe. But here you have it. Kathy Zimmerman’s Plaits and Links cardigan knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, in Hayloft. I’ve had this yarn stashed for about a year, after buying it for another sweater that ended up not being very nice-looking on me. When I saw this pattern on the cover of Interweave Knits this winter, I knew that it was a much better match and kind of zipped through knitting this.


I think the only aspect of this sweater that I feel a little “eh” about is the width of the arms. I have exceptionally skinny upper arms in comparison to the rest of my body, and I usually knit my sleeves a little smaller than a pattern calls for, but I didn’t do that this time. I don’t think I regret that decision necessarily. I kind of like the boxy, old-fashioned shape of this cardigan. And the extra room in the arms makes this a nice cozy layering piece, which I think really suits it.


Because I live in New England, the snow is still falling and I have plenty of time to wear this little treat before it gets too warm for wool. (Though admittedly in my life, only the hottest of months are “too warm for wool.” Just wear thinner wool, obviously.) I wish I lived such a life of luxury that I could afford to knit all of my cabled sweaters out of Shelter, in all of its amazing colors. I’m especially obsessed with Nest, Postcard, Woodsmoke, and Snowbound – not exactly the most colorful of colors. But I’m a sucker for a nice neutral.

Anyway, look, a sweater! I knit it, I took a picture of it, I talked about it. I am participating in the world. I had planned on *really* participating and going on a little trip this weekend, but my beloved cat was having some health problems, and was just diagnosed with asthma last night, so I’ll be spending the next few days hanging hard with her, watching a lot of movies and knitting in bed. I’m not necessarily complaining about that.


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