A little knitting, a little tourism.

A small project, some  boot toppers for a coworker and new friend, who I have also taught to knit recently.

Just improvised, ribbing and simple cables. The yarn is Lang Yarns Fantomas, which I think will be nice and durable for wearing with boots. Hopefully they’ll serve well in the Austrian winter. I wish I could stay here longer and see for myself! Though I am eager to get back to my dear, dear catfriend. There is a cat that lives on the grounds here, but she is a tiger who cannot be tamed. Though I do like to admire her from afar:

With only one month left in Salzburg, I am coming to terms with the fact that I have to return to reality. I apply for a job almost every day and keep my fingers crossed that something will pan out. And in the meantime, I keep myself busy watching projected opera performances in one of the town squares, reading, eating pretzels whenever possible, and taking all the field trips I can. Including a sweaty day of cycling, complete with a stop at Schloss Hellbrun, where the gazebo from The Sound of Music is now located. Check that one off the ol’ bucket list.



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