Here are those photos of the finished shrug for my friend’s wedding:

The pattern is Crush by Alyssa Carlburg from the most recent Stitch ‘n Bitch book. I’ve been wanting to knit it ever since my brother got the book for me as a Christmas present (not this past Christmas either; the one before).

I knit it in Schulana Kid-Paillettes in #320 Silver (if this had been a gift for myself, I’d have used #380 Pale Mauve, which makes me feel totally swoony). It’s a really amazing sequined mohair blend lace weight yarn that I just can’t say enough kind things about. I highly recommend it for knitting fancy treats. For the size medium, I technically used four skeins, but I didn’t start into the fourth until just a few rows from the end.

This project definitely helped me regain my love of knitting. Once the rain lets up, I’m off to deliver it to its recipient. Here’s hoping she’ll be as charmed by it as I am.


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