Little by Little

I sort of lost my love of knitting during my last year of grad school. I made a few things that I liked, but I also made a lot of things that are currently sitting in a pile to be unraveled. Fortunately I recently knit two gifts that made me learn to love knitting again. For now, here is just one of those gifts:

This is called the Eyjafjallajökull shawl, but I knit it in sock yarn as a light summer baby blanket. I used Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Luster. Madelinetosh yarns are so perfect. Definitely a go-to for future shawls. This may seem a bit fussy for a baby blanket, but it’s for my cousin’s first baby, and because she is one of my oldest and dearest friends, I just felt like I should just go for it on this. I’m glad I did; other people can give practical gifts.

Above, it’s pictured with the Girasole I knit for my mom a few years ago for Christmas. Back in a time when I could actually imagine knitting large Christmas gifts. Maybe those days will come again now that school is finally over.

I have little else to say about this. The pattern is really easy, really beautiful. A lot of people said the crocheted border took a long time, but I didn’t feel that it took any longer than binding off a circular object would in any knit stitch or conventional knit bind-off. Maybe that’s also because I crocheted before I knit and the motion still feels very natural and easy to me. And it’s fun to do something different.

I haven’t really photographed the second project, because trying on a mohair garment in 90 degrees of oppressive humidity is extremely unappealing to me. But because I’m biking it down to Bristol tomorrow morning, I will probably have to do so today. For now, here’s a very tiny  glimpse:




  1. caityrosey says:


    1. Chelsea says:

      Thank you! It was a really fun project to work on!

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