A Venn Diagram of “Knitting” and “Small Beings You Have to Care For”

I’m feeling a bit defeated by school this month, so let’s turn our attention to some small points of triumph for a moment. Therefore: pictures of knitting and pictures of cats. And pictures of knitting pictures of dogs.

This is “Baby Sophisticate” by Linden Brown. Sometimes also referred to, delightfully, as “Pretentious Baby.”

I have decided to stop pandering to “baby sensibilities,” and am heretofore only knitting items for babies that I would consider knitting for adults. Knit with Cascade Eco Wool on size 8 needles, this certainly flies by. There is something very satisfying about constructing those tiny arms and working the neck shaping in such a small span of time. You can absolutely knit this in a day. Especially if you spend many hours of your day sitting on a train.

This sweater is for the first baby of a very old friend of mine from back home. Said baby is due approximately right…now. So this sweater is on its way to northwestern Pennsylvania as we speak. Godspeed.

I am not generally an intarsia knitter, so I’m feeling very self-conscious about this piece. It’s a square for a quilt that is being made for a family friend of another of my dear old friends, who is currently ill. I was really honored to get to make a square for such a special and thoughtful project. I can think of few things more comforting than a handknit quilt.

I used Cascade 220 Superwash (the light blue) and Berroco Vintage (green and brown), thinking it best to err on the side of washability.  I have had the pleasure of knitting with Vintage before, and I really can’t recommend it enough. The Cascade Superwash was a new yarn for me, although I use the regular 220 pretty frequently. These would also make great yarns for baby projects, if you wanted to be more considerate than I was and make your projects machine washable. I had a lot of fun making the dachshund grid and seeing the little buddy appear before my eyes. My biggest complaint here is that I wish I had used a smaller needle (I used a 7). A tighter fabric would have been preferable I think, and probably also would have prevented the color changes from looking so prominent. Fortunately, the recipients are not as obsessive as I am.

This is not really of any importance or relevance. It is simply a picture of my dear Felane. She may be middle aged now, but she is still ready to party. This is a good reminder for my “significant other,” who recently awoke at three in the morning to the thought that someday he would have to live with Felane. All I can say is, there are probably weirder cats out there. Somewhere.



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