My Ears are Burning

Thanks, Jennifer, for including me in this project! It’s fun to work from a prompt, and to think about things in a different way than I normally do. Written a bit on the fly, as everything seems to be these days.

What is your dream project? The one thing that you want to complete no matter how long it takes?

Dream project! I don’t know if there’s just one. I’d love a closet full of fair isle sweaters and a Beekeeper’s Quilt on my bed.


With whom would you want to collaborate on any sort of project?

I honestly love working collaboratively. Outside of knitting, reading, and running, I think most of my life (especially my professional life) is about working with others. And even my independent activities have at least a social element. I can’t think of just one person I’d want to work on a project with, because I think the answer is everyone I know.

What’s the reason for your blog name? Why did you begin blogging?

“Figs and Things” is one of the names of a magazine in this Kate Beaton comic: sweater issue

A friend once sent it to me, joking that this was a panel about my then-boyfriend’s life with me. Dating is not a thing I’m currently interested in, but I like to imagine that any/all boys in the world perceive me this way. “Blase Sweater Issue” might be my other favorite detail from this strip.

Why did I begin blogging? I don’t always know. I’ve probably been writing about crafts online, in various blog incarnations, for about 8 years. Periodically, I’d feel self-indulgent or self-conscious about putting things out in a public forum and delete the blog, only to start a new one a few months later. I think what keeps me around are the other people who are doing this too. Knitting can be very solitary if you want it to be, but it can also be wonderfully social. I think a solid majority of my friendships have begun because of a common interest in knitting or textiles in general.

What meal can you make with no recipe, hands tied behind your back, one eye open (you get the idea)?

I mentioned in my last post that I’m not much for cooking. That said, I can make many varieties of fancy grilled cheese, and inappropriately extravagant banana splits.

What world city do you feel is your true home?

My family lives in Meadville, PA, north of Pittsburgh. To me those two cities always feel the most like home. I’ve lived in Providence for six years now and I really like it, but when I think of home, I always think of western Pennsylvania.


Describe a time when blogging/crafting helped you through a stressful time in your life.

I feel kind of like it always does. Granted, when I’m really stressed or going through a hard time, it’s difficult for me to sit still, so I tend to go running more during those times. But once I go for my run and have exhausted enough energy to sit down for a while, there is nothing better than playing with yarn. I like heavy cables, textures, or colorwork when I’m stressed.

Name something that you wish you could do or something that doesn’t come easy, and admire others for being able to do so?

This could easily become an endless list, but I suppose off the top of my head, I wish I was better at spinning yarn and sewing. There was a time years ago when knitting would have been on this list, so I know that becoming good at something just takes time and practice, but I don’t know if there will ever be enough hours in the day to become skilled at all the things that interest me. I’ve also recently been giving an electric knitting machine, and hope to become even remotely skilled at using it. But it’s a very different kind of beast.

What are you reading right now?

I’ve just wrapped up a few books, and am trying to decide what I feel like reading now. One of the books I just finished was David Sedaris’ When You are Engulfed in Flames, which was, like all of his collections, equal parts funny and touching.

What movie’s lines can you recite by heart?

Wayne’s World, Troop Beverly Hills & Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I’d add television to this because my real media obsession is Golden Girls, and I think I can actually quote every episode of the complete series. Test me on it sometime.

If your life were a movie/album, what would it be named?

I joke about this a lot. A few favorites: “Party Hardly” and “Life in the Cats Lane.” People who hate puns don’t tend to love spending too much time with me.

At what point in your life were you the most impressed with yourself & your creativity?

Is it really arrogant if I say that I’m frequently kind of impressed with myself? I don’t mean it that way. What I mean is that I’m constantly attempting to do new things that I don’t know how to do yet, and feeling really good when I manage to grasp new concepts. I just started knitting my first Lopapeysa, and this will also be the first time I cut a steek into a sweater. I am actually so nervous about it that it makes my heart kind of race. It’s something I’ve wanted to attempt for years, but the idea of cutting into my knitting is (understandably) stressful. So I can preemptively say that if I cut the steek successfully, that is when I’ll be feeling most impressed with myself.


  1. Oh God, how I love Kate Beaton! We have her book and my boyfriend finds that particular comic particularly excellent.

  2. Hehe we were watching Wayne’s World just the other day .. thought our 13 year old boy would approve!!!
    Thanks for popping over to admire my Lila .. love your Stasis!

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