March Survival Guide

I don’t like March.

I know, April is the cruelest month, etc., but March has never really done me any favors either. Here, briefly, are the things I have found to be wildly comforting this winter, and which I will continue to indulge myself in through March:

1. Sleeping in cashmere. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier in life. It sounds kind of like a Diana Vreeland “Why don’t you…” but seriously: why don’t you sleep in a cashmere cardigan? It’s warm and cozy and it makes my cat want to spoon with me under the covers like a little human.

2. Speaking of Diana Vreeland, watch The Eye Has to Travel. It’s on Netflix, and it’s amazing and made me feel excited about being human during a time of year when I rarely feel even lukewarm about being a human. I mean just look at this woman hanging out in her living room:


3. Get a new coffee mug. This is a modest indulgence but it makes a big difference. My favorite pink coffee mug went MIA recently, and I’ve been thinking about treating myself to something new. I’m currently coveting this one, but I can’t justify paying overseas shipping on a mug. But I don’t doubt that something more local will catch my eye in no time.  (Related: drink lots of coffee. That helps everything.)

4. Knit something colorful. A weird one coming from me, but hey. After months of winter landscape, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge the existence of colors.


5. Shamrock Shake. Look, I’m a simple woman. McDonald’s is bad, but Shamrock Shakes are so good. Just have like one. Before they’re gone. Drink it in a car in the parking lot and feel good/bad about it the rest of the night.

One comment

  1. I am with you March is one of my least favorite months. Why is that I wonder? Excellent survival tips you provided. Especially the sleeping in cashmere. Oh and the coffee mug, when I have a new pretty mug it makes my mornings!

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