Spent last week with my family in northwestern Pennsylvania, one of my very favorite parts of the world. Lots of leisurely reading outside, cookouts, running my old high school cross country routes, a tiny bit of knitting, and enjoying the company of my four legged family members:


We have some pretty good looking pups in our house. And the scenery outside isn’t so terrible either.



And I got to stop in at the restaurant and brewery where my little brother is currently working post-college. He treated me to a sampler of their beers, and then, because I had to leave early to meet our mom, served my homemade ice cream (pistachio and peanut butter)  in to-go cups. That’s my kind of food service.




Should you find yourself in the vicinity of Meadville, PA, stop in to Voodoo to check out some treats. It’s pretty cool to see a place like this in my hometown – I like to see a small town thrive.

For now, I’m back in my new small(ish) city until further notice. Hopefully with a quick NYC jaunt sometime in the coming weeks. Til then, it’s back to knitting and library books over here.

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