Earlier this month I did something I had never done before: went on vacation to New Jersey. That’s not to suggest that I have any problem with the Garden State as a destination; I just didn’t know a whole lot about it, having only ever passed through briefly. But after spending a weekend there with Hannah and Toms River native Liz, I think it’s safe to say I’m officially a fan.

Hey, here are some photos:




The demolished boardwalk area was surreal, definitely unlike anything I’d seen before. But the remaining/rebuilt area was everything I hoped the Jersey Shore would be:






This is only the tiniest peek at all the amazing things we saw. I ate as much frozen custard as I possibly could because that is one frozen treat that really seems to be scarce in Rhode Island. Fortunately on Monday I am heading to Meadville, Pennsylvania for a quick jaunt, and will be taking up residence at Hank’s as often as possible.

Oh, ps: travel bonus points for finding and posing with my very favorite thing in all the world: anthropomorphic food preparing to consume itself.



Til next time, NJ. It was a real treat.


  1. I remember visiting New Orleans a couple years after the hurricane, I imagine the Jersey Shore being in a similar state, and surreal really is the best way to describe it. Wonderful to hear that you still enjoyed the trip though!

  2. As years have gone by, I’ve changed my favorite carousel horse many times. Obviously, as girlchild, the best horse was the one with the most jewels and purple bits. However, these days, the patriotic one in the picture is my current number one.

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