Catching Up on Old FOs.

Today, two sweaters, one blog post. I really do let these things slip by. That’s the way it is sometimes though, I suppose. One of these sweaters is just from this past October; not so bad. But the other is from October…2010. Oops. It’s one of my favorite sweaters though, so it seems worth taking the time to mention now that I’ve finally taken some photos of it.

Most recent sweater first: the Button-On Blanket (or B.O.B) by Jackie Pawlowski.


A few years ago, when Cirilia moved to Seattle, she did a big destash, which I was very fortunate to get the chance to paw through. One of the many treasures I gleaned from this event was a sweater’s worth of Rowan Plaid, which is a pretty lovely discontinued bulky yarn, constructed more or less of three strands of different colored yarns plied together. I was in grad school during this destash, so I’ve really been sitting on most of the yarn for quite awhile. But I did always mean to knit a big cozy house sweater out of the Plaid. So when I got back from my internship in Austria after school was over, this was one of the first things I sat down with. And I’m glad I did – it’s kept me very cozy this winter.


I knit this to be a little bit intentionally big and shapeless. I can fit a lot of loungewear under this one. I added buttonholes along the entire button band, but so far have only added two buttons. Someday when I find the right, extra large buttons, I’m sure I’ll update this and make it fully fastenable. Though I’ve been known to really take my time picking out buttons for sweaters.

Case in point: my Acer cardigan, by Amy Christoffers. I knit this back in 2010, during my first semester of grad school. You can tell that school is an excuse I like a lot, right? But in all fairness, my crazy days of waking up at 5 am to get to Boston, and returning to Providence late at night, often left little time for taking pictures of my knitting. If I wasn’t at school or work, I was really only interested in being in bed with my cat wearing pajamas (usually doing homework). Not only did it take me so long to photograph this sweater, I also wore it for almost a full year with only a pin to fasten it – it took me an entire year just to buy buttons. But somehow I did find time to knit this gem of a cardigan:


I used Berroco Remix in the colorway Patina, and it is easily one of my favorite yarns. I’m actually about to knit another Amy Cristoffers pattern in Remix. And, ideally, I’ll take pictures of it before 2015.


Here is the cool thing about waiting years to document a project: I can honestly tell you that after nearly three full years of wearing and washing, this cardigan looks and feels just as good as the first time I wore it. The pattern is so flattering and wearable, and the yarn is incredibly resilient. I have every intention of knitting another Acer for myself at some point. I really admire Amy Christoffers’ design aesthetic, and the attention to detail in her patterns. The fit of this cardigan is really perfect. I probably wear it more than anything else I’ve ever knit for myself, so it’s a good thing I knit it in a yarn that never seems to lose its shape.

Believe it or not, I have another sweater to take photos of and post now – this one I just finished this month. It did take me about a week to sew in the zipper, but given my track record, I don’t actually think that that’s too bad.


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