Here’s Some Proof

I do still knit. See?

I am normally a fan of the headless knitting shot, but hey, here is even a picture with my face in it. You can tell that I am a bona fide working lady now because I am wearing not only my glasses, but a wrist watch. Pretty legit, right?

Anyway, this knitting is nothing fancy, but I have been wanting to use this madelinetosh tosh merino light for the better part of a year. The color is Calligraphy, and I would be okay with almost everything I own being this weird pinkish gray. A perfect neutral. The stitch is from the madeline tosh honey cowl pattern, although I kind of went rogue with gauge and dimension. But that’s the nice thing about a cowl or scarf pattern, I suppose. I’d recommend this stitch motif for any slightly variegated yarn.

Amazingly, I have a other finished projects to share now as well, but I’ll save ’em for another day.

Oh also, for my bookish friends, I joined Goodreads. Now that I have time to read again, I will maybe start to keep track of things in a more organized manner. Let’s be friends so I can steal your book suggestions. Or just suggest new books to me in some other format. I could use it.


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