My semester is officially over, as of 9pm tonight. Just one more to go before I enter this “real world” I keep hearing about. I’ve been busy with all manner of exciting preparations, including filing my petition to graduate, working with my advisor on my resume, and scrambling to get those last assignments turned in so I can focus on reading for fun, finishing my holiday knitting (almost there!), and even taking on a small bit of sample knitting this week.

There are things on my mind that I want to share, many of them yarn related. Tonight my heart and brain belong to my cat and the single adult beverage (Smuttynose Winter) that I’ll consume before happily falling asleep without setting my alarm for tomorrow. For now, a short list of those things:

1. This sweater, from J. Crew, which I will probably replicate when it’s time for personal knitting again in January.

2. A recent test-knitting project for Erica Knits. I’ve been wearing this a ton, and finally got around to taking a few photos. (Scout managed to sneak into all of them. Dogs are truly no better than cats. You heard it here first.)

3. My holiday knitting, which I won’t mention until after it’s given out, in case any family members are peeking.

4. I recently um, audited my yarn stash. Or at least a majority of it. As the new year comes around and I feign resolution, it seems like a good time to think about what I’ve knit in the past year, what yarn I have on hand, and how I might be able to tackle the kind of enormous task of using it thoughtfully. I’m a little embarrassed by how much stash I’ve accumulated. But you know, there are worse problems.

So. Things to say, in the future. But for now, goodnight folks. I’m tired.


    • It was so so good to see you! It made my brain and heart ache for the past!!

      However, I should reassure you and say that you’re responsible for a small fraction of stash, and it is really all of my nicest yarn, so I still consider myself a lucky lady!

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