Nice Work If You Can Get It

I’ve spent the past 24 or so hours burrowed away at home, hiding out from tropical storm (formerly hurricane) Irene.  My time has been spent nursing a terrible case of poison ivy on my legs and working.

Some of my work at the moment is of the knitting variety, and is therefore very secret. Some of my work in the library-ish sphere is incredibly dreamy and involves developing a beautiful collection for public space.

For friends who aren’t sure what my more structured 9 to 5 type work is about though, the UK National Archives’ Digital Preservation FAQ provides a tidy glimpse into the majority of the work I end up doing when I am not manning my post at home during extreme weather. (via Mod Librarian)

Perhaps the point of this post is that after reading Free Range Librarian’s post on “why you didn’t get an interview,” I am feeling particularly grateful to have had as many opportunities as I have had since going back to school.  Even more so when I consider how inspiring and compelling all of my work environments have been. Of course, for the moment I ought to get back to it. Here’s hoping I have the same good fortune come spring. Wink/nod/etc.


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